Dinner Menu
Below are a sample selections of dinner menu. A wide selection of a la carte sushi and sushi roll served with wasabi and pickled ginger are also available at the restaurant, both for dine-in and take-out orders. Don't forget to pair your sushi and our imported Japanese beer and sake.
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Hamachi Royale
  Ethnic Tuna
  Maguro Tataki
  Long Beach   Baby Scallop
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Dragon Roll   Green Turtle   Maguro Crunchy   Lobster Salad   Imported Beer and Sake
Horenso Goma AE - Boiled spinach with sesame sauce
Beef Negimaki - Green onions rolled in sliced beef
Ika Maruyaki - Cuttlefish lightly battered and deep fried or grilled
Soft Shell Crab - Choice of deep fried, served with ponzu or butter and light garlic sauce
Ebi-Shinjo - Crimples cooked lightly golden brown with dipping sauce
Edamame - Boiled soybean pods
Shumai - Steamed shrimp dumplings with dipping sauce
Agedashi Dofu - Deep fried tofu in seasoned soy sauce
Kaki Fry - Breaded fried oyster served with tangy sweet sauce
Yakitori - 2 pcs chicken skewer, charred brown with seasoning sauce
Osuimono - Japanese style clear or cornstarch cream soup
Nameko Wan - Nameko mushroom in soybean paste soup
Akadashi - Red soybean paste with tofu and Japanese milsuba
Miso Shiru - White soybean paste, tofu, green onion and fish broth soup
Wakame Su - Fresh seaweed and cucumber with house dressing
Fisherman Salad - Flounder, salmon, shrimp, octopus tossed with vegetables and flying fish eggs
Kani Su - Alaskan king crab and vegetables in chef's sauce
Ebi Salab - Shrimp and vegetables in a vinegar sauce
Toku Jou Sushi - 10 pieces, 1 roll
Jou Sushi - 7 pieces, 1 roll
Wafu Steak - Tenderloin seared and sauteed in chef's sauce
Beef Shogayaki - Thinly sliced sirloin sauteed with ginger soy sauce
Gindara Tamariyaki - Black sable cod marinated in wine sauce (actor Robert de Niro's favorite)
Sashimi Moriawase - Sakuma's artistic presentation of the finest seafood filets
    Large - Mixed Variety of seafood
Small - Tuna, flounder, salmon, yellowtail
Maguro - Tuna sashimi (8 pieces)
Hamachi - Yellowtail sashimi (5 pieces)
Kanpachi - Yellowfin sashimi (5 pieces)
Tako Sashimi - Octopus sashimi (5 pieces)
Salmon Sashimi - Norway salmon sashimi
Hirame Usuzukuri - Thinly sliced flounder served with tangy citrus soy sauce
Aka Fuji - Maguro tartare, red cavier with spicy soybean sauce
Mediterranean Style - Tuna filet fresh garlic and wine sauce
Maguro Tataki - Seared Tuna with ponzu sauce and seaweed
Maui Island - Yellowtail and tuna tartare with scallion and chef's sauce
Yellowtail Island - Yellowtail tartare with mayo and chef's sauce
Ethnic Tuna - Tuna sashimi with red hot pepper sauce
Joylucky Tai - Red snapper with tangerine lime and lemon juice
New Style Sashimi - Thinly sliced seafood, hot olive oil with chef's sauce
Simple Style Sashimi - White fish and hot olive oil with garlic soy sauce
ENTREE (All dinners include rice and soup or salad; fried rice for an additional fee)
Una Juu - Broiled eel over rice and brushed with eel sauce
Salmon Teriyaki - Broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce or plain salt
Chicken Teriyaki - Broiled chicken with butter and teriyaki sauce
Sakuma's Combo - Tempura, beef shogayaki, sashimi, sushi and goma ae
Tempura Combo - Deep fried shrimp, fish and vegetables
Ebi Tempura Combo - Deep fried shrimp and vegetables
Ramune - Japanese soda
Soda - Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7Up
Juice - Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple
Imported Beer - Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo (large/small)
Domestic Beer - Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite
Ozeki Sake - Served hot or cold. (large/small)
Green Tea